At the start of this month, South Korean media had revealed that two new variants of LG G6 dubbed as LG G6 Plus and LG G6 Pro would be launching at the end of this month in the home market. Both the models were expected to debut on June 27, but LG has today already launched them as LG G6+ and LG G6 32 GB.

It is not known as to why LG didn’t choose to introduce these variants when the LG G6 was officially unveiled at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 event in February this year. LG is selling different variants of the LG G6 in varied markets. Some markets have received LG G6 with wireless charging feature whereas the other markets have received it without the wireless charging feature.

The regular LG G6 model that has been available in South Korea lacks wireless charging. However, the LG G6 available in the U.S. comes enabled with wireless charging. The U.S. variant did not receive Quad DAC feature that is available on the regular LG G6 for South Korean customers.

However, the LG G6+ which is now exclusively available in South Korea includes wireless charging feature as well as a higher storage capacity of 128 GB. So, it seems that the LG G6+ is the best edition of the phone.

The original edition of the LG G6 comes with 64 GB of native storage. The LG G6 32 GB is the other new variant of the LG G6 that was dubbed as the LG G6 Pro by the rumor mill.

The LG G6+ and LG G6 32 GB have something that is unavailable on the regular LG G6. The LG G6+ will be available in choices like Optical Astro Black, Optical Terra Gold, and Optical Marine Blue. On the other side, the LG G6 32 GB will be coming in non-optical Terra Gold and non-optical Marine Blue color options. It will also come in Mystic White which is also available for the original LG G6.

LG has only announced the LG G6+ and G6 32 GB smartphones for South Korea, but has not confirmed on when will it be made available in the country. Also, there is no confirmation on whether the other markets like the U.S. will be receiving the new LG G6 variants. The regular LG G6 was launched in South Korea for 899,000 KRW (~$802) in South Korea. Previous reports have claimed that LG G6+ and LG G6 32 GB will be respectively priced at 999,800 KRW (~$892) and 799,800 KRW (~$710).

LG G6 + (plus), LG G6 32GB version and two types of release in early next month

LG Electronics will release two types of LG G6, including LG G6 + (plus) and 32GB built-in memory (ROM), through three domestic mobile communication companies.

The LG G6 + is 128GB of internal memory, twice the capacity of the existing 64GB. Given the increasing trend of smartphone apps that can not be stored in external memory recently, it is best for consumers who enjoy various games and convenient functions as apps. The wireless charging function of the standard Qi method is also installed.

LG also offers a B & O play bundle earphone to enjoy the premium sound provided by the Hi-Fi Quad DAC. The B & O logo is also added on the back of the product.

LG Electronics maximized the sophistication by applying the lenticular film to the back of the LG G6 +, which utilizes the principle of refracting light. Three colors are available: Optical Astro Black, Optical Terra Gold, and Optical Marine Blue.

‘Optical Astro Black’ makes you feel different depth of black depending on viewing angle. ‘Optical Terra Gold’ emphasizes mystique in gold color and gentle pink, while ‘Optical Marine Blue’ adds coolness to cool blue color. LG Electronics plans to launch ‘LG G6 +’ in Korea market and in the world market sequentially.

The LG G6 with built-in 32GB internal memory is perfect for consumers who want to enjoy a big, cool full-vision display and the excellent sound quality of Hi-Fi Quad. In addition to Mystic White, which is the basic color of the existing LG G6, LG Electronics plans to release three colors in addition to Terra Gold and Marine Blue.

■ LG G6 All-series target software update adds many convenience features

LG Electronics will update the software on all LG G6 series in line with the launch of the LG G6 + and the LG G6 with 32GB internal memory, adding a smart convenience function for LG G6 customers only.

By adding motion recognition to the face recognition function that recognizes the user’s face, even if the screen is turned off, the user can lift the product and brighten the face to release the lock screen. With this feature, there is no need to turn on the screen to check the face each time.

A low-power algorithm that lowers standby power when a user is not using a smartphone also applies. For example, when using the exercise app, you can reduce battery consumption because you are driving at a lower power than usual when you calculate calories or calculate activity. LG Electronics has developed this algorithm based on Qualcomm’s All-Ways Aware technology, which improves the user experience by knowing the user’s location and movement.

For users who are unfamiliar with wide angle of view, the ‘Lens Blind Reminder’ is also introduced. This function informs the user that when a wide-angle camera is used, the fingers around the lens prevent fingers that are not visible from the camera from appearing in the photograph.

Other features include automatic call recording, which automatically records calls with a specific person once you set it up, and fine volume control that lets you adjust the volume when using the Hi-Fi Quad.

Joon-ho Cho, president of LG’s MC business, said, “As more consumers use the product, they will feel the value of the LG G6.”


division LG G6 + LG G6
Built-in memory 128GB 64GB 1) 32GB
color Optical Terra Gold Astro Black Terra gold
Optical Marine Blue Ice Platinum Marine Blue
Optical Astro Black Mystic White Mystic White
Remarks Wireless charging function – –
B & O play bundle earphone
1) Released model in March 17

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