Today in Annual General Meeting of Reliance Chairman Mukesh D Ambani announced some interesting statics of Jio and announced Jio’s first featured phone targeting 50 Cr. featured handset user in India. He shared journey of Jio till now.

Ambani shared that Jio reached 100 million mark in 170 days, fastest to reach 100 million customer mark. He also shared how Jio proved VoLTE globally and provided free VoLTE Voice Call to its costumer. Before Jio entered in market, Sceptics said: “VoLTE is an unproven technology globally”. Adding into it Mr. Chairman shared daily VoLTE voice call and Video call uses statics. Jio costumer makes 250 Cr. minutes of Voice and Video calls on VoLTE network absolutely free of cost.

Analyst believed that “India can never be largest mobile data network in the world” but after Jio country’s daily Data uses spiked from 20 Cr. to 120 Cr. GB, making India No.#1 in daily data uses. Now India sits on top of daily DATA uses. Top 5 countries for daily data uses are #1 India (120 Cr. GB), #2 USA (71 Cr. GB), #3 China (63 Cr. GB), #4 Japan (47Cr. GB), #5 South Korea (18 Cr. GB).

Reliance Jio has aimed to cover 99 percent of India with 4G network band coverage, this will make 4G coverage greater than 2G band coverage. With its very first featured 4G ready smartphone Jio plans to bring 4G revolution for everyone including rural, old age and featured handset users.

Today Jio has launched its very first Jio phone effectively free of cost and its on beta trial from Aug 15 and Pre-booking starts on 24th Aug and will be available in Sept. Tag lined as India ka intelligent smartphone seems to be much more for a featured handset with Jio Tv, Cinema, Music, Voice Command.

According to The Chairman Jio is bridging Digital divide by better Connectivity, Data affordability, Device affordability. On the road ahead, Jio is working on FIBER & Fixed line broadband.


Highlights of AGM meeting are:

  • Fastest growing company in the world-125 million customer
  • Jio made India the number 1 data consuming country, globally
  • India’s 4G  coverage will be more than 2G coverage
  • Jio launched India ka intelligent Smartphone: Jio Phone
  • Disrupted tariffs

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